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Pricing & Rates

General Labor

Diagnostic Fee

Diagnostic Fee is non-refundable, but is applied towards the labor on the repair.

Bench Fee
Minimum service fee.

Hourly Rate
Hourly rate for services.  Charged by the half hour.
90$(45$ Half Hourly)

Computer Virus Repair & Spyware Removal

Virus and Spyware Removal
Virus and spyware removal only. Includes free AVG Ultimate Anti-Virus.

(No tune up or updates)

Virus and Spyware Removal plus CleanUp-TuneUp-Update
Virus and Spyware Removal plus CleanUp-TuneUp-Update Includes free AVG Ultimate Anti-Virus.

Windows Install or Re-Install

Windows Re-Install or Upgrade Windows 7/8/10
Wipe drive and Install Windows. Price includes Free AVG Ultimate Anti-Virus 

(Price does not include data recovery or windows key)

Data Recovery Service

Data Recovery
Recover up to 100GB of data. (Hourly On-site)

 Laptop Repair Rates

Laptop LCD Screen Replacement

Prices are for the labor to replace the LCD. The Price of the LCD is not included.

(Prices of LCD's range between 45 to 90 dollars)

 Pc: 99.99$
 MacBook: 99.99$ *
 MACBook Air: 99.99$*
 MACBook Retina: 99.99$*

*Price is if customer wants to replace the whole top -lid assembly
  Laptop DC Jack Repair or Replacement

Replace or repair your broken or damaged power jack.

*Prices do not include the price of the DC Power jack

 Pc: 99.99$
 MACBook: 99.99$
 MACBook Air: 99.99$
 MACBook Retina: 99.99$

 Laptop Mother Board Replacement

Mother Board Replacement

*Prices do not include the price of the motherboard.

Pc: 99.99$
 MACBook: 99.99$
 MACBook Air: 99.99$
 MACBook Retina: 99.99$

Cell Phone & Tablet LCD Digitizer Replacement

Repairs are done on site, and can be completed within 1 to 2 hours.

*Prices do not include the Price of the Digitizer- Labor Only

Apple: 45$

Android: 45$

Apple Cell Phone Digitizer Assembly Prices

*Prices do not include the labor

4: 15.99$

​5C: 24.99$

5G:  24.99$

​5S: 24.99$

6: 29.99$

6 Plus: 39.99$

6S: 44.99$

6S Plus: 54.99$

7: 92.99

7 Plus: 129.99 

Tablet Digitizer LCD Replacement Prices

Price does not include the cost of the Digitizer LCD Assembly

Apple: 90$

Android : 45$